Beyblade – Do It Yourself!

Since I saw a first episode of Beyblade I wanted to have my own spinner and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Discs produced by Hasbro became available to buy. Dozens of people had them back in the day. We used to run with my buddies around the block looking for places to play with them. That was something! Unfortunately, those discs were not very sturdy and they used to fell apart quickly, the sound of snapped plastic usually meant the end of fun. After that, I had to beg my mom on my knees to buy me another one. I promised to myself that in the future I will create my own, better, more durable and stronger spinners. Nevertheless, time passed by and I forgot about this idea until recently I heard about an anime series coming back. This refreshed my memories and an idea popped into my mind: how about creating Beyblade flying disc out of easily accessible, cheap materials?

You will need:

A few M5 bolts of different lengths Śruba
M5 nuts and washers Nakretki
M5 acorn nuts Nakretka Kolpakowa
M8 bolt Śruba
8mm socket Nasadka
12x32x10 mm bearing Łożysko
PVC round cable conduit 26022277
PVC sewer pipe with 32mm sleeve rura-kanalizacyjna-biala-40-025
Flywheel of any kind (I took mine from an old VCR) P1050231
Pipe clamp with rubber lining _Obejma-do-rur-12_-z-guma-czarna-OB-02_
End cap for PVC sewer pipe Korek
Metal ring Pierścień


Disc structure

Assembling the spinner is extremely easy. You begin by putting a washer on M5 bolt, then tighten the nut. I noticed that the optimal length of M5 bolt is 40mm because the top is spinning for the longest time, although you may experiment with different lengths and find out which one works the best for you. That bolt is going to be the core of our flying disc.

Rdzeń Dysk

Then you must mount the flywheel on the core and tighten it really hard with nut and washer. It is a good practice to put a split lock washer between nut and flywheel, this way the disc won’t untighten itself. Mount the acorn nut at the bottom of a bolt. Feel free to modify the disc in any way you want but remember to keep it symmetrical, otherwise it won’t be spinning.




We have our flying disc, now we need to build a launcher which will “launch” our disc. Building a launcher is a bit more tricky than building a disc. We start by building the core of the launcher. Grab the M5 40mm bolt, 8mm socket, 4 nuts, 2 plastic washers, 2 metal washers, a string, split lock washer and M5 acorn nut. Tie the string to one of the metal washer and tighten everything as shown on the diagram below. Protip: It is easier to put everything together by putting the core into the other side of the socket and tighten everything with two spanners.

Rdzeń Wyrzutnia - Schemat

As a result the core of our launcher should look like this:

Rdzen Wyrzutnia

Now let’s grab the bearing and mount it onto the socket. It should be a snug fit. Additionally, you can use a strong glue between the socket and bearing just to be sure that everything is durable.

Rdzeń + łożysko

Let’s put the core of the launcher aside and let’s play with the PVC sewer pipe. Cut away the sleeve, because that’s the only part that we need. Next, we drill a small hole slightly below the middle of the sleeve to put a string through it. The string should move without any resistance. Now glue the core with the bearing into the sleeve, with the bolt facing upwards, where the seal is. It is a good idea to pull the string through the hole before you glue the bearing onto the sleeve, it is extremely tricky to do it afterwards. Tie the metal ring at the end of a string, so it will be easy to pull the string. The string should be approximately 35-40cm long. Now let’s put a plug at the end of our PCV pipe. We will use an PVC end cap, but it requires slight modifications. Cut a small stripe at the bottom of the cap, so the string will not be bothered.

Korek nacięcie

Our launcher is almost finished, but we need to mount a small piece of magnet at the end of the socket, so our spinner will be held in place. The magnet cannot be too strong or too weak, because the disc must be securely held in place, but it must be falling off after applying a moderate amount of force. The best method to find the suitable magnet is trial and error.

Goła wyrzutnia



I designed a handle for a launcher for our convenience. We will use pipe clamp with rubber lining, PVC round cable conduit, M8 bolt and a huge washer.

Rączka części

Remove bolts from the pipe clamp and replace it with M5 bolts. One of them should be longer, we will make a special slot for our index finger with it. Screw a few nuts on the longer bolt all the way to the bolt head. Afterwards, cut the cable conduit to desired length, mount it onto the M8 bolt and screw it onto the pipe clamp. The length of the cable conduit should be suited to the length of M8 bolt, it should be a tight fit. Our launcher is now finished!



Battle arena

I was looking for something which would work as arena for a long time, until I found very cheap wooden platter in Ikea. I painted it black, covered it up with a few layers of wood lacquer and polished it with fine sandpaper and polishing compound. Unfortunately, it scratches very quickly.



Repair kit

It is a good idea to build yourself a repair kit and modify your flying disc before every battle.

Zestaw naprawczy



Feel free to experiment with modding your flying discs and don’t forget to share your discs!

Beyblade – Do It Yourself!
Bądź pierwszy i oceń!

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