Kissel out of Coca-Cola

I strongly believe that everyone likes to spend time experimenting with different flavors in the kitchen. I love it! That’s how I started to mess with kissel. What is kissel, you may ask? It is a thick, viscous dessert which derives from Eastern Europe. I was curious if it’s possible to prepare kissel out of Coca-Cola, and you know what? It turns out it is possible! It is extremely easy to prepare. All you need is:

-A bottle of Coca-Cola
-Potato starch

Pour as much Coca-Cola you want into the pot and pour half a glass off.


Add approximately two spoons of potato starch for 0.5l of Coca-Cola. The thickness of kissel depends on how much potato starch you put into the liquid. Of course the more kissel we are making the more potato starch we must use. I like my kissel thick, so I put two heaped spoonful of it.


We must stir everything really well, so we won’t have any clumps.


Now, we must boil our bigger part of Coca-Cola. Then, pour our potato-starch-Coca-Cola mix into the boiling Coca-Cola while mixing vigorously. After the whole mix starts to boil take it off from the heat and pour into the dish of your choice. The recipe is very similar to the recipes which can be found on the small bags of kissel from the shops. But how does Coca-Cola kissel taste like? It’s very sweet and it taste like decarbonated fizzy drink. It was a very interesting experiment and I’m sure I’m gonna make this dessert often. Maybe from some other drinks?


Kissel out of Coca-Cola
Bądź pierwszy i oceń!

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